Our environment-friendly policy is good business practice, fulfils or exceeds our legal obligations, and helps our customers to meet their own commitments to the environment.

We achieved the ISO:9001 accreditation in 2010 and since then we have been committed to meeting or exceeding environmental legislation.

We have implemented a number of new initiatives to work in line with this which also help our customers meet their own commitments to the environment. This includes:

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Zero landfill company status

ISO Accreditation for Quality and Environment

ISO Accreditation for Quality and Environment

recycling bin

Free recycling for all our own and our customers' printer supplies

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Carbon Neutral Status

We are committed to meet or exceed environmental legislation and routinely involve our staff in reviewing new legislation and agreeing how to apply best practice.

Our Distribution Centres:

In 2010, our main distribution centres reduced their energy use by 160%. They also overachieved on their waste recycling targets by recycling over 91% of the waste at their locations.

Our Packaging

Our delivery boxes are the most efficient way of providing a one way delivery package. The design of the box ensures that the products arrive undamaged to their destination and 95% of the products are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard with other materials kept to a minimum and only used when no other form of packaging can be utilised.

Our Products

We currently sell more than 2,400 products which have a recyclable content of 50% or more and we are continually attempting to increase this number of products within the portfolio with the assistance of our suppliers.

Carbon Neutral Status

ACS are a carbon neutral company and in 2016 we offset 402 tonnes of CO2e.

That’s the equivalent of:

  • 86 Olympic sized swimming pools
  • 1,749 double decker buses
  • 330 acres of forest sequestrating carbon for 1 year
  • 828 economy flights from New York to London

We know that’s no mean feat so are very proud of our contribution and are working hard to deliver the same results this year.