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Vicki Ward

10 July 2015

Meet The Team: Harry Stevenson

Job title: Commercial Director

Joined ACS: December 2008

What do you enjoy most about your role? It's diverse nature. Each day is filled with a number of different projects and challenges that I could have never planned for. No 2 days are the same.

What is your greatest achievement in your role to date? Developing a support function capable of supporting ACS.

Describe the culture of ACS in three words: Innovative, dedicated and ambitious.

Tell us your fondest memory of your time working at ACS so far: Being recognized in The Times top 100 fastest growing companies in the UK. This was a great accolade for ACS and one we're extremely proud of.

What personal attributes are essential to work at ACS? There are many, and I don't think any one person can have them all, but as a minimum I would suggest:

Passion: people have to be passionate about what they are doing here at ACS

Flexibility: Maybe open-minded is a better word. We are keen on making every day as interesting as possible, sometimes this may not be your 'cup of tea' but we like to see people embrace it.

Professionalism: Having said that there is a time to focus on our customers' needs and their experience with ACS.

I can't work without my iPhone on my desk. I know the iPhone represents the inevitable advances in technology and a shift in how our generation communicates but it genuinely has everything I need to function and attempt to be productive and efficient.

If I were Managing Director for a day I would make the Commercial Director's office bigger!

My hobbies include: I am a keen (average) golfer. I have also started to spend a lot of my time training towards running and cycling challenges, for personal gain and also charity fundraising. Recent challenges include: National 3 Peaks 24hour Challenge, Way of the Roses Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge and Harewood House Off-Road Half Marathon.

My favourite sandwich is: Chorizo, Manchego Cheese and Chilli Jam

My weekends are usually spent: Balancing my addiction of golf with the demands of my girls Ella & Ivy. Some weekends are also left to accommodate the challenges I touched upon within my hobbies section.

Random fact: My love for office products was evident before I even knew. I used to sell pencils and rubbers to my school friends from the age of 12. My supply chain was my Brother-in-law who had a small reseller business at the time.

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