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Delivering Innovations Together

At ACS we have everything in place so that if your workspace needs anything, we can provide it for you. Since our founding in 2008, we have delivered next-day office supplies to companies across the nation.

As our reputation for reliable service has grown, so has our customer base - we now have a fantastic portfolio of businesses who rely on us to maintain their stationery and hardware requirements.

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We'll Mind Your Business

We take pride in our can-do, innovative attitude. That’s why we expanded our business to offer you a full catalogue of Business Services with specialist teams in each sector. From the software and WIFI that your employees use, to the branded t-shirts on their backs, ACS will partner with you to make your workplace better for your employees and customers.


Lloyds Pharmacy were looking for a solution to consolidate not only their dispensary supplies, but their deliveries, invoices and support team. ACS provided the solution. By partnering with our wholesaler, we were able to stock an additional 700 products in their warehouse to sit alongside our office products and hardware.

Working with over 20 new suppliers – all with different processes - to ensure that the correct volume of pharmacy critical products was in stock simply for pharmacies to be able to trade didn’t come without its issues. For example, over 1,000 new products required barcodes before they could be stocked in the warehouse.

ACS set up a two-tier stock management process: working alongside the warehouse team is a dedicated resource team who are purely responsible for stock management.

We also created a dedicated bespoke webstore to enable all Lloyd’s pharmacies to order online. The website also acts as a platform to display all the contact information for their other service providers i.e. waste management and refrigeration.

As Lloyds already were supplied their inks and toners by ACS’ managed print team, it meant that we could reduce the amount of delivery to stores, in turn cutting costs and the environmental impact.

ACS now stock over 900 SKU’s in one warehouse and can offer next-day delivery to over 1,600 branches across the UK.

Whether Private or Public Sector...

Our customers vary from start-ups to local councils and nationwide conglomerates. But they all have one thing in common – they choose us to help them with their everyday business needs. We understand that value for money, customer service, product availability, delivery and online ordering are those added value benefits that are most important. That’s why we feel we are able to offer some of the best solutions in the industry.

Your Business is Our Business

Whether you want our Prince 2 qualified team to manage your office supplies contract or you would like your dedicated Account Manager to handle adhoc requests, you will be in safe hands with ACS. Our knowledgeable team make it their business to look after your needs.

  • Core-list of items

  • Self-billing

  • Consolidated Invoicing

  • Reviews, conducted at a time to suit you

  • Support to help you achieve your business objectives

As a multinational company AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd the company have been dealing with ACS for a number of years we have always found them to be very committed to their customers with a very professional approach in dealing with any problems that may arise.

- Procurement Manager, Mckesson

Flexible Service, Simple Implementation

Our supplies customers all have their own catalogue of core items that are tailored to their business needs and priced accordingly, in line with their order quantities.

We work flexibly with them to set up bespoke ordering channels that mirror their business processes and accounts systems. We even offer a bespoke website option which is in line with their branding and business messages.

  • Highly competitive prices on all goods and services.

  • Next-day delivery as standard on over 25,000 SKUs.

  • The ability to set up multiple business users.

  • We analyse shopping habits to help save money.

We Make the Difference

We have made our business about people.

By getting to know you and your business and what is important to you, we will give you exactly what you need, when you require it.

We give back.

Over the years, we have worked together to build a Corporate Social Responsibility programme that reflects our business values.

We listen to your business needs.

You talk, we’ll listen, and then we’ll come up with goods – literally.

Let us Help you Reduce your Environmental Impact

We speak to hundreds of businesses each day who are looking for ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint when it comes to supplying their offices. By introducing measures such as paperless invoicing and minimum order limits we will help you reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Reduce your carbon footprint