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Meet The Team - Martine Box

June 12th, 2015

Written by Vicki Ward

Who am I?

Name: Martine Francine Box (yes my name is French and also rhymes - did I get stick with that at school!)

Job title: Sales Director

Joined ACS: Jan 2010

A little bit more about me...

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The People

What is your greatest achievement in your role to date?

Our first Public Sector contract wins at ACS was I felt a big milestone for us to finally be successful through the OJEU tender process.

Describe the culture of ACS in three words/phrases:

1. Can Do Attitude

2. Ambitious

3. Adaptable to changes

Tell us your fondest memory of your time working at ACS so far:

Big Brother Q4 Times, some of the crazy fun things I recall still years on.

What personal attributes are essential to work at ACS?

You have to have the right attitude to be successful at ACS. Positivity goes along way in our sales environment, the job is hard enough to have to deal with negative energies. Passion I think is also something important to working here and to have purpose in whatever it is you do.

If I were Managing Director for a day, I would...

just spoil and treat people all day and make people smile for the day, because to be MD for just 1 day I could.

What are my hobbies?

Shopping (I have to buy something every day literally), camping and going on trips UK and overseas. I love exploring wherever I am.

What's my favourite sandwich is?

Laughing Cow and cucumber on Warburton's Thick White Bread. It's the simple things sometimes.

How do I normally spend my weekend?

Catching up on housework and laundry, shopping, spending time with family and friends... with the odd glass of wine in my hand at the same time as all the above.

What's a random fact about me?

I gave birth to my second daughter and lost a stone in a day (literally, as she weighed 10 pound 4 oz!). I also can't work without a calculator on my desk so I pinch other peoples by mistake. I had 5 in total on my desk the other day.