Employee Engagement

At ACS we all make sure our colleagues are well looked after. There are many hundreds of benefits of being an ACS employee but we’ve condensed it down for you with our A-Z.

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Employee Testimonials

“I believe Teamwork is the fundamental value to the success here at ACS. I love the people I work with across the company as I work with some awesome, talented, funny, dedicated staff.

We love a good party. Whether it’s Halloween, Easter - we’re probably having a party!”

Adele Caddick,
IT Account Manager

“When I first started everyone was keen to help me! I settled in straight away thanks to the help of my amazing team.

I have developed a range of new skills and have now been with ACS for two years as they offered me a full time contract when my apprenticeship came to an end.

The progression I have made in the space of a year is phenomenal.

The incentives make working for ACS fun. Not many companies are like ACS and that’s what makes us stand out.

I love it here!”

Ebony Dearnley,
Corporate Administrator (Former apprentice)

“I joined in 2012 as a buyer in the Products team having been out of the IT industry for a few years, I was made to feel welcome by everyone.

Within the first few months I was given the chance to be involved in my first Q4 promotion as a vice captain alongside one of the sales directors, what an eye opener!! These promotions are once in a lifetime experiences for everyone involved with fantastic incentives.

Every day brings something new and challenging, ACS is a fun and exciting company to work for and long may it continue!”

Chris Campbell,
Head of Purchasing

“When I first started at ACS I felt welcomed into the team straight away. My Manager and Sales Director made me feel valued from day one and always have. You're never just a name on the payroll at ACS. People from other departments came and introduced themselves and spoke to me around the company. Everyone seemed so energetic, smiley and happy.

The fun but hardworking atmosphere and the people have kept me here. Never before have I enjoyed a role within a business so much.

I have progressed so much since starting at ACS – There are so many talented sales people here that it would be impossible not to pick up smarter ways of working and learn better selling skills.

There are so many incentives in place here, you're constantly rewarded and supported at ACS.”

Erica Russell,
IT Account Manager

“I was made to feel like part of the family straight away, I wasn't treated like a child either (even though I was one!) I was just welcomed by everybody and treated equally to everyone else. It didn’t take long to settle in and start building the amazing relationships I still have now.

I've been here since I was 16 so 3 years now, I've been kept here mainly by the people. I've made friends for life. Also the unique culture of ACS is a key factor in the enjoyment of my job, every day is different and every day is fun.

I’ve only ever worked at ACS but just from hearing what other people say about their work places I know that we're miles ahead! Such as the Q4 promotion and the mini incentives throughout the year, they really keep things fun.

I started off as a sales apprentice, then I moved onto administration role and now I've moved onto helping to manage a new contract. I've learnt lots since I started and continue to learn more every day”

Beth Tovell,
Contract Coordinator (Former apprentice)

“I came to ACS from a very different industry and found there was a really high level of support as well as a nice environment to work in.

I have stayed with ACS because I feel there is a very strong family environment here and this keeps us all loyal. It's never a bad thing when you come to work and actually like the people you are working with!

I have found the working hours to be flexible to individual lifestyles, loads of bonuses in terms of money, vouchers, prizes etc. free holidays!, staff days out, and the free fruit!

I have stayed in the same role (only been here 2 years) but have changed teams since I joined. This is another example of the company supporting me during my time here. I needed a change of pace and environment and they helped this transition and got me to where I wanted to be. Loads of other companies simply would not have bothered.”

Brian Comber,
Account Executive

“ACS is like a family we care for everyone and everyone is supported. We work hard together and play hard together. I love this company and if you work hard the rewards are given!”

Mel Young,
Account Manager

“Being a new starter I have been made to feel very welcome and part of the PFS/ACS team. Everyone within the company is friendly and engaging and helpful.

It's a full-on and stressful environment at times but good fun and a professional place to work.

There is always something going on - Supplier Incentives as well as BBQ’S / Quiz's Summer and Christmas parties.”

Lynsey Holmes,
Managed Print Administrator (PFS Division)

“I was made to feel like I had been working here for years. A seamless integration into the team, and everyone treats you as an equal. There are no egos.

It's nice to get Daily, Weekly and Monthly incentives ranging from early finishes, free fruit and birthday buffets, to chances to win holidays and weekend trips! Targets are realistic, and everyone chips in to help everyone. The nights out are mental as well!

My phone skills have developed, as have my social and sales skills which are completely different to the techniques I have had to use in the past.”

Chris Gray,
IT Account Manager