We recognise our responsibility in looking after our environment and are committed to reducing the effects our business may have on the world around us. Our office runs on energy that only comes from renewable sources and we are proud to say that we are a carbon neutral accredited company and have also achieved a zero landfill certification. To further strengthen our commitment to the environment we also offer a free recycling programme for all our customers which not only helps us with our environmental goals but also assists our customers with their own environmental policy.

402 tonnes

of CO2 offset so far


recycled ink and toner cartridges


renewable energy

Carbon Neutral

As a ‘Carbon Neutral’ accredited company we have worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment and are one of the very few companies in our industry to achieve this accreditation. ACS is a carbon neutral company and in 2016 we offset 402 tonnes of CO2e, that’s equivalent to 86 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Supporting our customers' needs

Our online store has a catalogue specifically detailing eco-friendly products; this clearly indicates over 3,000 environmentally responsible products. To help support our customers’ green objectives in safeguarding the environment our e-commerce department can create a specific green catalogue for our customers which can be added on to their core buying list. Also ACS can also carry out sustainability profiling to identify cost efficient sustainable products.

BBC Case Study

We helped the BBC to meet their green objectives.

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ISO 14001 Certified

As a ‘CarbonNeutral’ accredited company we have worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment.

We don’t just stop there, here are some other things we do...

Toner Recycling

ACS provides all customers a free of charge service to enable them to dispose of their empty cartridges responsibly; the scheme aims to reduce the number of items ending up in landfills. Recycling them has become an increasingly preferred and required method for businesses throughout the UK.

Packaging Waste Reduction

To provide a substantial improvement in reducing waste we have invested significantly in laser technology. This measures the cubic dimensions of every parcel and selects appropriate packaging. The equipment completely eliminates the need for the use of ‘void fill’ meaning approximately 35% less excess packaging to dispose of.

All products are individually labelled and packaged in 100% recycled delivery boxes. These can be folded flat and collected by the driver when the next order is delivered. All paper based materials used are cut from sustainably managed forests meaning they can be recycled, this ensures maximum life-span of the original materials.

Environmental Products

In the ACS catalogue there is a comprehensive range of recycled and environmentally friendly products and we work only with paper suppliers who are accredited to supply products certified by FSC. Our catalogue clearly indicates over 3000 environmentally responsible products including unbleached, recycled and FSC approved. We therefore select products that meet the needs of an environmentally sound organisation and have verifiable sustainable credentials.

Products in our eco-friendly catalogue can be easily identified by the environmental image displayed next to each description. Our own branded products are manufactured in the UK. Alongside supporting the economy we are also proud that we can keep our carbon emissions low.

Wherever possible parts are recycled for re-use, however, only if they are 100% fit for reuse. Parts which need to be replaced can vary from product to product and all components will be completely replaced where necessary.


In 2018 ACS commenced work with suppliers and manufacturers to reduce plastic waste in product packaging. In order to meet our customer’s requirements we are continuously looking at ways in which we can protect our environment. ACS is working closely with key customers to analyse buying habits and suggest non-plastic product alternatives.