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Custom Devices

We can create a bespoke device that you can’t get off the shelf with the added bonus of your logo on it. Add your logo on your own custom devices. Phones, tablets or hand-held scanners. Choose from a range of devices suitable to your business needs. Use the interactive chat below to learn more or contact us by enquiring now...

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Why choose ACS?

Your Brand Upfront

Display your company brand wherever you go with your logo on your own custom devices. Phones, tablets or hand-held scanners: built to your specification, designed with your brand in mind.

Build to Your Own Specifications

Whether you need a bespoke IPad device with a USB port or a Surface Pro without the price tag but with the added bonus of your own branding we can create what you need. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll create a device suitable to your business.

Windows or Android

We recognise the benefits of both Android and Windows operating systems, so we don’t limit you by only offering one. Choose from Windows 8.1, 10 or Pro, or the latest Android OS (currently ‘Nougat’) to suit the needs of your workforce and your IT infrastructure.

Pre-loaded Apps

Whatever your business’ essential in-house, off-the-shelf or third party applications, pre-load them onto your chosen device with CYOD. Empower your workforce with the information they need, whenever they need it.

Beautiful or Unbreakable

With CYOD your custom-built devices can look the part for use in front of your customers, or be indestructible for use in a classroom or warehouse. From Surface Pro-style sleek business tablets to glove- and wet-touch hand-held phones and scanners, we have the ideal device to match your needs.