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Your Business, in Safe Hands

We’re helping businesses adapt to the new normal, however they work. Like your business, we are powered by people at ACS. We understand that it is imperative that we do what we can to ensure that employees are kept safe. That's why we're working with our customers to look after not only the welfare of their company, but also their workforce.

A New Way of Working

As well as an array of Health and Safety solutions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in the workplace, ACS has many options for working remotely. From furniture suitable for the home office to IT supplies and services, the team at ACS are here to support your business – whatever it is you require to fight against COVID-19. We’re helping hundreds of businesses across the UK to keep moving forward, let’s see how we can help yours.

Adapt to the New Normal

  • Hygiene & PPE

  • Cleaning

  • Signage

  • Contactless Solutions

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Personal Protective Equipment

Our range of PPE ensures that your employees remain safe and protected in the workplace. From Hand Sanitiser Solutions to Freestanding Desktop Screens, our brochure has a vast selection of products suitable for every business environment. Our knowledgeable Account Managers ensure that their customers implement the necessary safety precautions to keep their business moving whilst keeping their workforce safe.

Discover the steps that we have taken as a business to make it as safe as possible for our employees to return to work in the office.

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